Fines and Fees

To check out materials, patrons must have a current library card in good standing.

For an account to be in good standing, the account balance must be at or below $5.00 and can not have more than one item overdue.

The library does not charge fines for overdue items.

Patrons agree to accept responsibility for materials for the duration of the checkout period, including failure to return the materials, and any damage incurred through abuse or misuse. If an item is lost or stolen while checked out, the patron is responsible for the cost of the item.

Any check returned by the bank will incur a $25.00 service charge.

Patrons will be notified of overdue materials according to the following procedures:

1. Patrons who have opted in for email notifications receive an email message 24 hours before items become due.

2. Patrons receive a written or email notice of overdue material two weeks after items were due.

3. Patrons receive a final written or email notice of overdue material four weeks after items were due.

4. Library staff contact patrons by phone six weeks after the items were due.

5. Unreturned items are charged to the patron account three months after the items were due and a lost item invoice will be mailed to the patron.

There will be $1.00 notification fee charge for each mailed notice.

The Library may use any means, including law enforcement and court systems, to collect the amount owed for materials not returned to the library collection.


Damaged & Lost Items

There is no charge for normal wear and tear or minor damage that does not affect an item’s usefulness.

If an item is damaged beyond its use, the price from the item record will be charged to the patron’s account. After charges have been paid, patrons may keep damaged items.

If the patron believes an item has been returned, library staff search the library shelves and ask the patron to continue to look for the item. If the item is not found after careful searches, the patron may choose to request a “Claims Returned” status be placed on the item or assume payment for the cost of the item.

Patrons may choose to replace a lost or damaged item with a copy of the same title and edition if it is in a condition judged acceptable by library personnel. A $10 processing fee will be charged.

No refund will be issued for payments made for lost items.



Approved by the Champaign County Library Board of Trustees February 8, 2022