Donation policy agreement

The Library Board has adopted the following as a donation guideline for works of art, physical objects, or furniture:

  1. Each item will be reviewed to determine if it will be acceptable for inclusion in the library.
  2. All donated items will become the property of the Champaign County Library Board of Trustees.  The Board will determine when and where the item will be displayed, stored, or sold.
  3. The understanding between the Board and the donor will be evidenced by a written agreement between the parties.  (See Appendix)

Material donations can be made at any time.  Any item that is not incorporated into the library’s collection will be placed in the Friends of the Champaign County Library book sales.  A letter acknowledging the donation is available upon request; however, donation values will not be appraised for income tax purposes.

Monetary gifts may be donated to the Champaign County Library, the Friends of the Library, or the Friends of the North Lewisburg Branch Library.

Money donated to the library for gift books or memorials will be deposited in a legally established special revenue fund or the General Fund.  Items purchased become the property of the library and may be disposed of accordingly.  Gifts of this type will be acknowledged by letter from the director as well as a memorial plate in the purchased item.

The Friends of the Library and the Friends of the North Lewisburg Branch Library organizations serve as conduits to receive tax-deductible gifts of cash and non-property that can be used to further the mission of the library.