Is the library open?

Both libraries are open regular business hours. Please check the guidelines below.

  • Masks/Face Coverings are not required to enter the library; however, they are appreciated. Staff will continue to wear masks.
  • All patrons are encouraged to take advantage of our Drive-Up Service. This service is being offered at both locations.  More information on this service is listed below.
  • Sanitation stations are available throughout the library.


Will I be fined for overdue materials?

No. We are currently not charging fines, so there will be no late fees on items you currently have checked out. If you have overdue items, you will not be able to check out additional items until those items are returned or renewed. 

There are still fees for lost or damaged items or fines already posted to your account.


How do I return items I have checked out?

A book drop is located on the west side of the building.  At the North Lewisburg Branch there is a book drop by the front door. 

You may also return items inside at the service desk.


Do you offer curbside or drive-up service?

Yes.  Contactless service is being offered at both library locations.

  • Place holds online or call the library for assistance.
  • Staff will contact you when items are available for pick-up. Let staff know which library you will be picking up your items.
  • You do not need to schedule a time to pick up your items.

Main Library

  • Come to the drive-up window on the west side of the building and call 937-653-3811 to let us know you have arrived. 
  • Please stay in your car.
  • Staff will place your items on the table located outside the drive-up window.
  • You may pick up your items and you are ready to go.

North Lewisburg Branch Library

  • Park in one of the marked spaces and call 937-747-3043 to let us know you have arrived.
  • Open your trunk and return to your car.  Staff will place your items in your trunk and you're ready to go.

Return all items in the outside book drop.


How do I sign up for a library card?

All you need is picture identification that lists your name and current address. If your picture ID does not show your current address, you must provide another form of identification that does include your name and current address (check, bill, etc). If you are under 18, you must also have a parent or legal guardian sign for you to get a card. You must be at least 5 years old to sign up for your first card.

You are now able to register for a library card online  and the card will be mailed to you; however, you will need to provide ID the first time you use your library card at the library.  


Do the libraries offer WiFi?

WiFi is available including the parking lots of both library locations. 


Is the Library offering in-person programming?

The library is offering a limited amount of in-person programming.  Many of the programs do require registration, so please check our online event calendar for information on all library events including registration information. 


Is the Imagine Lab open?

Yes, the Imagine Lab is open by appointment only.  Please call the library at 937-653-3811 or send an email to imagine@champaigncountylibrary to schedule an appointment.  Please be patient with us as we work with you to schedule an appointment.  Visit the Imagine Lab's website for more information.


Do you have a public copier?

A copier is available at both locations.  Black and White copies are 10 cents each.  Color copies are 25 cents each.  


Are you able to scan documents?

Staff will scan documents and email them to you or save them to your flash drive.  There is no charge for this service.


Do you offer fax service?

Faxes are 50 cents for each page to send or receive documents.  There is no charge for the cover sheet.


I have another question. Can I speak with someone at the library?

Please call 937-653-3811 during business hours if you have any questions.  You can also send an email to reference@champaigncountylibrary.org

Stay tuned to the library website and Facebook page for updated information.