Parent's letter

Please Read Before Signing Library Application Form

            We are pleased that your son/daughter has requested a library card from the Champaign County Library.  It is our privilege to serve people of all ages with a broad selection of library materials.  We are anxious to work with parents in determining what materials are best suited for your son’s or daughter’s needs.

            Since this is a “contract” with a minor, we do require your signature to complete the registration, and your willingness to accept responsibility for the materials borrowed.

            Your child will soon have available all the resources of our library, as our staff will not restrict his/her choice of books or other library materials, excluding videos and DVDs, in any way.  In short, we will lend anyone any item he requests from our children’s or adult collections.  Since all libraries provide some books and magazines that specific parents might find objectionable or inappropriate for their child, and since our staff cannot

possibly monitor the choices a student makes, we suggest that you will want to be aware of what your child borrows from the library.

            IF OUR POLICY OF FREE SELECTION BY MINORS DOES NOT MEET YOUR APPROVAL, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN THIS REGISTRATION CARD.  If you wish to limit the selections made by your son/daughter, please register for your own card and monitor your child’s library selections by charging out materials on your own card.

            We look forward to many years of serving your family’s reading and information needs.  WELCOME TO THE CHAMPAIGN COUNTY LIBRARY.



Adopted January 1990