Obituary Index - Various Years

This is not a complete list of obituaries that are available.  If you do not see a listing for the person you are researching, please feel free to contact us. 

  • The dates listed are dates that obituaries appeared in the newspaper, this is why there may be multiple dates listed.
  • Names were entered as they appear in the newspaper.   There may be misspellings or incomplete names. 
  • Women were often listed under their husbands name such as “Mrs. John Smith”.   Please look through the entire list of the surnames you are researching.   Children sometimes were not named and are listed under “infant” or “child”.
  • The third column indicates what newspaper the obituary was located in:  CD stands for Champaign Democrat, UDC stands for Urbana Daily Citizen, and RL stands for Rush Light.

 Please refer to the Research Request Policy prior to placing a request.

Click on the link below of the letter of the surname you are researching.  You may need to scroll through the page.