GAR Warsketch Book

GAR Warsketch

The War Sketch Project was undertaken by Amy Perry and Gloria Malone of the Champaign County Library. The book is so large (12 X 17 X 3) and old that the pages were literally falling out of the book. The pages were handwritten and the ink has faded, so it was very difficult to read the pages in order to retype the information. There were also misspellings and mistakes throughout the original entries and these were left in our reproduction.

Mistakes that are present may have been made by the original writers or by us. If we were unable to distinguish what a particular letter or word meant, we have indicated that by placing brackets [_] around the characters in question. We did double check our information, but as with any project, mistakes can be overlooked. If you have a question about something, please feel free to contact us and we will check the original.  It is difficult to make copies of the pages since the book is so large and fragile, please keep this in mind when contacting us concerning the war sketch project.

Please look at the Preface and the History of the Post for more information about the purpose of the book and the Post itself.

Some pages have "Resolutions on Death" or other additional information. These were on additional pages within the book, but have been added at the end of the entry for easier access. If you have questions about the layout of the book, please contact us at the library.

The Champaign County Library is offering public access to this book for educational and research purposes only. The War Sketch book is dated prior to 1923 and is presumed to be in the public domain.


Cover of the book:

Personal War Sketches
presented to
W A Brand Post No. 98
Department of Ohio
W A Brand U.R.C. No. 202
Gen E.P. Fyffe Camp No 101,
S of V.U.S.A
Grand Army of the Republic