Virtual Storytime



It’s the last week of Summer Virtual Storytimes! So, this week we are ready for a Royal Adventure! After reading, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning.


1. WATCH and LISTEN to The Kiss That Missed, a story about a king and his wayward goodnight kiss, by author/illustrator David Melling from Storyline Online  


next, watch and listen to the classic The Princess and the Pea


followed by The Princess and the Pony read by the author Kate Beaton 


and finally enjoy My Brother the Knight by Laurie Driscoll brought to you by Tumble Books 


2. Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning: 


- IDENTIFY and DISCUSS - Bedtime Ritual: What do you do before going to bed? Who settles you in and kisses you goodnight?  Has the person who always tucks you in at night ever had to rush through putting you to bed because they had something to do? Tell about it.  How would you feel (or how did you feel) if (Mom, Dad) forgot to give you a kiss goodnight? 


- DRAW - Can you draw a castle? Check out this video with easy to follow instructions:  


-CREATE – It’s time to build a castle of your own using shapes! Check out the website below: 


-IMAGINE – Pretend Play- Now it's time to use those imaginations and have some fun! Can you build a bed like in the story The Princess and the Pea? Pile up blankets, towels, pillows and then hide an object underneath. Can you guess what the object is? What size it is, is it small or big? Take turns and have fun!  


-SCIENCE – Become a Jewel Inspector. Provide magnifying glasses, different colors and shapes of glass jewels, beads, rocks and coins. Let the children inspect, compare and investigate! 


-WATCH- Goodnight IPad, a Goodnight Moon paraody  


-SING along to the Royal finger family song: 


These books, and many others, are available for check out at 


Don’t forget to stop by the library to pick up a Grab and Go Program Kit every Tuesday 10:00-11:00 am or 5:00-6:00 pm or contact the library to reserve a kit for your kiddos! This week's kit features a Royal Crown and a Knight’s helmet.


Great job everyone! We hope you have enjoyed our Virtual Storytime adventure this summer! Check the library’s website for future programs!