Learn a New Language

mangoMango Languages is an online language learning system teaching actual conversation skills for a wide variety of languages. It’s the easiest way to learn to speak a foreign language and it is FREE to library patrons.

Mango uses real-life situations and actual conversations to more effectively teach a new language. By listening to, repeating after and engaging in conversation with other native speakers, users not only learn individual words and phrases, they learn how to use them in practical situations and conversations.

Mango Languages include a variety of resources to help you learn practical conversation skills for languages spoken all around the world. We offer Mango Basic and Mango Complete Courses, offering more than 50 language learning experiences.

Mango is based on an easy-to-follow interface and simple, clear instructions. Because it’s completely web-based, users can learn anywhere they have an internet connection — at the library, a coffee shop, or even home in bed.